Wolverhampton Friendship Centre 050 Safeguarding Policy
Purpose: to inform volunteers and tutors at WFC050 of their responsibilities when working with our members and other members of the public.
Approved by Wolverhampton Friendship Centre 050 Board of Directors 2015
Responsibility for update Future Boards
Applies to: all volunteers and tutors who work with members of the public
Date of approval: Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Proposed date of review: Annually

This policy and procedures are based on the following principles:

• The welfare of our members and other members of the public is of primary concern. particularly those who are in a vulnerable situation.
• All people, whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, socio-economic status, religious belief and/or sexual identity have the right to safeguarding from abuse.
• It is everyone’s responsibility to report any concerns about abuse to any members of the Board of Directors, who will conduct an appropriate investigation. . All incidents of alleged poor practice, misconduct and abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately. If necessary Social Services and/or the Police will be contacted to assist in the investigation
Definition of Abuse
Abuse is any behaviour towards a person that deliberately or unknowingly causes them harm, endangers life or violates their rights. Abuse may be:
• Physical
• Sexual
• Psychological – repeatedly being made to feel unhappy, humiliated, afraid or devalued by others
• Financial or material – stealing
• Discriminatory – abuse motivated by discriminatory attitudes towards race, religion, gender, disability or cultural background.

All volunteers and tutors are required to take shared responsibility for the safety of any of our members or any other members of the public they come into contact with.
They must be aware of and abide by the Code of Good Practice (Appendix 1).
The responsibility for any programme or activity rests with the individual who is directing or organising the activity. This person is expected to:

• Ensure that everyone involved in the activity knows who is responsible for safeguarding and how to report any concerns.
• Arrange appropriate guidance for all volunteers and tutors.
• Inform the Board and complete the appropriate documentation of any concerns or issues.
Wolverhampton Friendship Centre 050 has responsibility for the oversight of the its Safeguarding Policy.

This policy and procedures will be regularly monitored and reviewed:
• In accordance with changes in legislation and guidance on safeguarding, disclosure and barring.
• Following any issues or concerns raised about safeguarding.
• In all other circumstances, at least annually.

Appendix 1
Code of good practice for staff and volunteers
The following guidelines are intended to be a common sense approach that both reduces opportunities for abuse and helps to protect volunteers and tutors from any false allegations.
You should:
• Treat all people with respect, and respect their right to personal privacy.
• Exercise caution when discussing sensitive issues.
• Exercise caution in initiating any physical contact.
• Challenge all unacceptable behaviour and report any concerns of issues to the Board of Directors